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Project Server 2010 Installation

Nov 03

During the installation of Project Server 2010 there are a few items that should be considered, one of them been the Common Language Runtime which increases the performance by 20%

sp_configure ‘clr enabled’ , 1;

Installing the PWA site for Sharepoint

Oct 21

The process to install an instance of Project Server 2007 and the PWA site required a several steps. Please follow the instructions below.

First we have to make sure that the “Project Application Services” is running.

Open the SharePoint Central Administration website and select the “Operations” tab under Topology and services select “Services on Server”. Select “Project Application” and start the “Project Application Service” if is stop.

In order to install the PWA site do the following

Open the SharePoint Central Administration website. Select SharedServices1 or the name of your SSP link in the left menu. Then select


Then Click on the “Project Web Access Site” under Project Server heading.


Under the “Manage Project Web Access Site” Click the Create Project Web Acess Site button.


On the Create Project Web Access Site page, enter the following information, then click the OK


SharePoint Web Application to host Project Web Access: <The Name of the website>

Project Web Access path: PWA

Administrator account: <Account>

Primary Database:

Primary database server: <Server Name>

Published database name: Default is <ProjectServer_Published>

Draft database name: Default is <ProjectServer_Draft>

Archive database name: Default is <ProjectServer_Archive>

Reporting Database:

Use the primary database server: Yes

Reporting database name: Default is  <ProjectServer_Reporting>

At the end is going to take a few minutes to create the PWA site and DB’s. Click on refresh tilt you see “Provisioned” Once is completed the PWA site is ready.